February is around the corner.

Between May 25th and July 10th Yelp reported over 2,500,000 searches for Black-Owned businesses.

A 7,043% increase from the same time period last year.

In 2021 I made a commitment to be more intentional about my spending (and saving) through the year.

Black Exchange (https://www.instagram.com/black.exchangeco/) is a company that focusses on Black Owned Food and Beverage brands/ Tech. With an emphasis on ready to eat packaged brands.

With February coming up I want to challenge myself to support and document a new Black Owned Food & Beverage business every day through the month.

I will be sharing this journey on the Black Exchange Instagram. Currently brainstorming potential hashtags to be used during the month so stay tuned for that!

Looking forward to this next month. Please leave a comment below/ Follow the page to connect.

Earlier this year my life got significantly busier.

I went back to school for computer science while also keeping my current full-time job.

But I wanted to continue to write because I find it very helpful in ways that go beyond the Medium app. …

Lately as I dive more into photography I have become fascinated in the art of packaging of food and beverages. Often times I find myself skimming through many different labels and logos.

The other day while researching on Black owned brands I came across Teranga Juices(beautiful logo). …

Welcome to Volume 3.

To-Go Plate is a one stop for a news, stories, and other random bits of information that I found interesting in the food industry.

McVeggie. According to a company release McDonald's will begin to trial plant based burgers in Canada. The burger, dubbed “Plant, Lettuce, Tomato”…

Taylor Bauldwin

B.S Computer Science and Food Science. Food x Tech. Memphis Made. Foodie. Green. Southern

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