February is around the corner.

Between May 25th and July 10th Yelp reported over 2,500,000 searches for Black-Owned businesses.

A 7,043% increase from the same time period last year.

In 2021 I made a commitment to be more intentional about my spending (and saving) through the year.

Black Exchange (https://www.instagram.com/black.exchangeco/) is a company that focusses on Black Owned Food and Beverage brands/ Tech. With an emphasis on ready to eat packaged brands.

With February coming up I want to challenge myself to support and document a new Black Owned Food & Beverage business every day through the month.

I will be sharing this journey on the Black Exchange Instagram. Currently brainstorming potential hashtags to be used during the month so stay tuned for that!

Looking forward to this next month. Please leave a comment below/ Follow the page to connect.

2020 came with some huge changes for a lot of different industries and really forced us to reevaluate some things to be better prepared for the future. By any metric 2020’s events will continue to influence consumers choice over the years to come.

Lets check out some trends that have real potential in 2021 and beyond.

Online Grocery Continues to Boom

According to a study by Mercatus online grocery is expected to double its market share by 2025. Covid-19 and the response to the pandemic has only accelerated trends this trend of going digital.

Sales are expected to reach $250 Billion by 2025. Ubereats, grubhub…

Earlier this year my life got significantly busier.

I went back to school for computer science while also keeping my current full-time job.

But I wanted to continue to write because I find it very helpful in ways that go beyond the Medium app. I quickly realized that I would need a new strategy to help me be more active.

3 tips that have been working well so far.

1. Know What You Want to Write About

This tip is probably the one that has been the most transformational for me. It is incredibly helpful when I sit down with the intent to write an article and I…

Lately as I dive more into photography I have become fascinated in the art of packaging of food and beverages. Often times I find myself skimming through many different labels and logos.

The other day while researching on Black owned brands I came across Teranga Juices(beautiful logo). I loved it so much decided to write a short piece.

This week for the diverse business spotlight, Teranga Juices.

According to the website “Teranga” means hospitality in Wolof, the Senegalese national language.

Teranga is the spirit of camaraderie, tolerance, and acceptance of one another.

The company is a Black founded food and…

Recently I began my coding curriculum at 26. I have been progressing at a humble pace taking about 2 or 3 classes per term. This last term for a prerequisite I took an Assembly class. During this class I found myself thinking to my self “What’s the point?” more than a few times. Fast forward into the next term and I can identify a couple of things that will benefit me going forward.

Assembly language is a low level language where you have access to registers, pointers, memory, and manipulate hardware directly. …

These past few weeks I have been seeing so many “I quit my job and learned how to code” post that I wanted to share my version of that.

I recently went back to school for a degree in Computer Science. I am currently enrolled in an remote computer science post-bach program through a university. Now if you did not know post-bach just means that you already need to have completed one bachelors degree to qualify.

I had a total sum of zero computer science experience.

Across the board COVID-19 has been game changing for many different industries. Arguably none more than grocery shopping. It would seem the days of casually shopping are over… for now at least and many analyst predict some of these changes to remain for years to come. And retailers have start to move with the landscape.

Many grocery retailers have updated checkout procedures and put an emphasis on apps such as Apple pay. Grocery delivery apps such as Instacart are becoming more widely used. …

Co-Founder Maya French

Back again with two more diverse founder spotlights. This week both of these founders operate in the beverage industry.

First off we have Maya French, Co-Founder Koia

The name Koia is inspired by the lush Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. And in staying true to the inspiration the product brings you a plethora amount of benefits all while being powered by plants.

The drinks come in a variety of flavors with 3 main branches. Protein: “craveable plant-based shakes packed with protein” Keto: “delicious dessert inspired keto plant-based shakes” and Coffee: “flavorful plant-based lattes with extra benefits.

Decided to take advantage of this whole quarantine thing going on. And after reviewing some of my past metrics, it is obvious the my “Future of Food” series is one of my most popular posts.

Here are two of my more popular renditions of the Future of Food

Spooning for Attention

Aquaponics 101

Both of these post feature a crossroad between food and design. Similar to one of the major advantages of 3D printing.

Even in today’s age it is still hard to imagine 3D printing food. One use of printing in the kitchen has leap out however and that…

Welcome to Volume 3.

To-Go Plate is a one stop for a news, stories, and other random bits of information that I found interesting in the food industry.

McVeggie. According to a company release McDonald's will begin to trial plant based burgers in Canada. The burger, dubbed “Plant, Lettuce, Tomato” will be available for 12 weeks at 28 restaurants in Ontario, Canada. The plant based meat will be supplied by Beyond Meat, which is obviously very exciting news for them because it would enable them to rival The Impossible Whopper at Burger King. This could all hold some very big…

Taylor Bauldwin

B.S Computer Science and Food Science. Food x Tech. Memphis Made. Foodie. Green. Southern

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